Want to network with other Mojofest delegates?

The Mobile Creator Academy, our learning community for pro-creators is going FREE for the week or Mojofest to allow delegates to network with each other and the broader MCA Network.

We are hoping to offer some of the Mojofest sessions live and to run in-app competitions also. 


About MCA.

The Mobile Creator Academy (MCA) is a learning and networking platform aimed at anyone who wishes to learn to create professional grade content with their smartphone. The MCA is offering an alternative to common pre-recorded courses and short intense in person training with a series of ongoing live masterclass which will span six months.

The course will be broken into live and interactive fortnightly sessions each with an assignment and a quiz to ensure the participants are getting the absolute most from each session before progressing to the next. 

What is covered in the 6 month masterclass?

1. Photography Essentials 
2. Advanced Photography & Time-lapse 
3. Audio recording, editing and Microphones 
4. Filming interviews and presenting to camera 
5. Shoot to edit – shoot in sequences 
6. Run and gun / observational filming 
7. Basics of multi-track NLEditing 
8. Advanced Multi-Track editing 
9. Finalising and mix down. 
10. Adding graphics, branding and subtitles 
11. Social media strategies 
12. Live-streaming 
13. Podcasting and live Social audio 

The MCA will also host fortnightly live chats for its members which will be a mixture of “Ask me anything” sessions, guest interviews and live equipment/workflow demonstrations. Membership of the MCA will also offer networking opportunities with a select group of international trainers and content creators. In addition guest trainers will offer pop-up specialised courses on topics like street photography, vlogging techniques, Smartphone filmmaking, post production workflow, colour grading and more. 

This marks the next phase of growth in mobile content creation, which has seen Glen Mulcahy run several popular international conferences and grow an online community of more than 7000 people. Interest in creating content on smartphones has spread from news organisations into businesses, NGOs, entrepreneurs and creative industries.


The Mobile creator academy is running a special introductory offer of membership for $20 per month OR $200 for the first year. Group discounts for 10+ members are also available. 

Membership benefits include 

    • Fortnightly Members Only Live Chats
    • Fortnightly Mobile Production Masterclass modules 
    • Fortnightly Quiz with prizes
    • 6 month certified immersive masterclass included 
    • Exclusive annual gathering at Mojofest*
    • Exclusive demos and “how-to” live sessions
    • Premium access to global trainer/creator database**
    • MCA Professional Trainer Accreditation***

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