Mobile Livestreaming – a missed opportunity for local (Web/Newspaper/Radio) newsrooms?

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Back in 2016 our previous iteration, RTÉ Mojocon, hosted a 4 camera live studio in the Aviva stadium where we live streamed for several hours each day to Youtube. The studio was created and operated by the team from Teradek who have a multi-camera livestreaming App for iPad called “Live:Air Acton” While this is not the only solution for multi-camera (mojo) live streaming it was a real world proof of concept and one which was quite the talking point of the show. The following year, for our first conference in Galway, Teradek brough the same team and operated a live studio out of the foyer of the Radisson (now Galmont Hotel) during our conference andante again the 8 hours of high quality content added greatly to the schedule and for those who could not join us in person it gave them a genuine flavour of the event from afar. In the two years since the product and its competitors like Studio Switcher have evolved to include more cameras, play in videos, add titles and more. This begs the question, is a Mojo Live Studio not a cost efficient and accessible way of creating live local content for town and cities? Many have tried to create “Local TV” but it has always floundered because the business model didn’t add up, broadcast gear is expensive and the advertising generated, because of limited reach does not offset the cost let alone make a profit, but with a Mojo Newsroom things are FAR more cost efficient. In this session we will hear examples of both single and multi-camera livestreams being used.