OPENING KEYNOTE: Don’t be a reporter. Be a storyteller. – Mike Castellucci

“Storytelling” has certainly become a buzz word. I remember a time in local news a couple decades ago when there was hardly any storytelling. It was  fires, car wrecks, crime. Since then it has made a resurgence and the most respected journalists are those who can craft a story. This mentality works not only in news gathering, but also for bloggers, YouTubers, filmmakers, advertisers and marketers who simply want a catchy one minute video on their website. It’s about writing the story. It’s the one piece of my mojo rig that I can’t buy on Amazon. On one hand it’s an abstract skill, on the other, there are ways to make writing more engaging and therefore the STORY memorable.


What makes a good story? We’ll look at some of my latest and dissect them.


In the end, all any of us want is to be told a good story.