Smartphone Cinematography. Moving mainstream or courting controversy to create PR?

Bailey Allen Auditorium

In March 2017 the cinema world was rocked with the launch of Steven Soderberg’s “Unsane”. Not because it was the first feature length film shot on a smartphone, that award goes to Ricky Fosheim in 2014 for “And uneasy lies the mind” and again in 2016 to Sean Baker for “Tangerine” which was the first iPhone shot feature to get a Cinema release, but because the director was an A-List Hollywood director with credits to his name like Erin Brokovic, Oceans Eleven etc. While some dismissed the movie as a PR stunt by Soderberg, he kicked back earlier this year with the release of “High Flying Bird” which was picked up by Netflix for international distribution, once again, shot entirely on an iPhone. This session will explore the Pro’s and Con’s of shooting with a smartphone for feature/documentary production.