Workshop: 360 photo/video with Philip Bloom

Bailey Allen Auditorium
Despite working in professional video for 30 years Philip Bloom is just as excited today about cameras as he was when he got his first film camera in the early 1970s. Whilst some fads like 3D irritated more than excited him, when he got his first 360 camera in April 2014 he became fascinated with what this technology could achieve.
As storytelling in VR is still struggling as too many people just don’t like wearing headsets, Philip has found that the recent crop of 360 cameras are changing the way these camera can be used. 
In this workshop he will show how these new cameras give us incredible creative opportunities to use the 360 video recording combined with traditional cameras. You will have a chance to shoot some footage yourself to download to your phone to see just how powerful this technology has started to become away form its original intended use with headsets.