Workshop: The Million Dollar Question: How can you establish Mojo in your Newsroom?

Studio 4 O'Donoghue Arts Building

To master the techniques of Mobile Journalism is already demanding. But if you can do it, and if you have trained your colleagues – how then can you etsablish a newsroom routine for Mobile Journalism? Which are the topics that work, which don´t? Which are the distribution channels you aim for, and which don´t work? Especially if you are transforming an existing media outlet, no matter if print or radio or TV, the task of managing the change that allows a new means of production to be adopted by your colleagues is enormous. At Mojofest, we´ll adopt a conference technique called “Fishbowl” to discuss the issues connected with the topic. 4 newsroom experts will start of a discussion in a fishbowl, but there´s always a chair available if you want to join in. From then on, members of the audience can clap you on the shoulder and ask you out of the fishbowl in order to take your place. It´s about finding the best ideas and hearing all the views on the topic.

If you want to join, please tweet @bjoernsta as early as possible.