Achim Gleissner

Senior Business Development Director at Shure

Achim works as Senior Business Development Director at Shure. During 30 years of his professional career, he has gone through various positions in product marketing and strategy development in mobile communications, consumer electronics and professional audio. Before joining Shure, he was responsible for Sennheiser’s broadcast and media business. Besides the traditional broadcast business, Achim is deeply involved in mobile journalism and filming based on mobile devices and is supporting the MoJo community and MoJoCon/MoJoFest since the very beginning.

My Sessions

Workshop: Do’s and don’ts in audio for videography (advanced level)

Studio 1 O'Donoghue Arts Building

Based on the golden rules of audio Achim will provide hands-on tricks for various content creation scenarios. This session will cover microphone techniques and also embrace wireless microphone usage.


Workshop: Golden rules of audio (for beginners)

Studio 1 O'Donoghue Arts Building

Getting your sound right is essential to creating watchable videos and the key is to put just as much thought into audio as to visual when out in the field.Achim will take you through a handful of golden rules that WILL improve any video production if followed correctly.Note: Achim hosted a session at Mojocon 2 […]

Marketing Mobile Journalism Technology