Andy Butler

Award winning Photographer and Founder Mobiography Magazine

Andy Butler is a passionate UK iPhone photographer. In 2013 he founded the website Mobiography.net and later that year, Mobiography Magazine, one of the first and only digital magazines in the App Store and Google Play to specifically focus in on the subject of smartphone photography. He is an avid curator of the very best smartphone photography through these platforms as well as on Instagram @Mobiography. In 2015, he was one of the speakers on the photography panel at the first Mojocon event in Dublin and in 2016 he published the ebook The Camera in your Pocket: How to take better photos with your iPhone. Andy’s photographic style is a mixture of landscape, fine art, street and portraiture and often uses strong compositional lines, patterns and reflections to convey a sense of solitude in his images. His work has been exhibited in galleries as far afield as Canada, Italy and Ireland. His personal photographic work can be found on Instagram, @caravananders.

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