Andy Richards

Deputy Channel Director, KMTV

Andy has been responsible for successfully implementing mobile journalism infrastructure & strategy at the KM Media Group, which publishes 50 newspapers and associated websites, a radio station, a TV channel, as well as 100,000s of social media followers on various platforms. It has a combined print readership of more than 150,000, 4 million monthly unique visits to its flagship website KentOnline, 210,000 weekly kmfm listeners, and 90,000 KMTV viewers. Since starting a partnership with Publishers Toolbox and its application Mojo Reporter, more than 2000 stories have published by more than 100 journalists using iOS and Android devices. These stories are used across all of the KM Group’s portfolio. 
A former ITV on-screen journalist, presenter and editor, Andy began his career in commercial radio. He also supplied video production and live streaming services as an independent supplier using 3G/4G and satellite uplink technology, as well as working for other TV & streaming production companies.

My Sessions

Mobile Livestreaming – a missed opportunity for local (Web/Newspaper/Radio) newsrooms?

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Back in 2016 our previous iteration, RTÉ Mojocon, hosted a 4 camera live studio in the Aviva stadium where we live streamed for several hours each day to Youtube. The studio was created and operated by the team from Teradek who have a multi-camera livestreaming App for iPad called “Live:Air Acton” While this is not […]