Angelo Chiacchio

Designer and filmmaker

Born in Basilicata (Southern Italy) in 1986, he studied and practiced design, photography and filmmaking in schools and laboratories all around Europe: Politecnico di Milano, KISD in Cologne, ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris, Waag Society in Amsterdam. Today Angelo is based in Paris where he researches the past of technology to design its future with innovative products, services or expositions. Since 2009 is part of design studio Nodesign.net ( associate of Jean-Louis Frechin). 

Angelo is also a photographer and filmmaker, co-founder of italiasenzatempo.it, a project to tell about Italian natural heritage with innovative digital techniques, and author of EPHEMERA, a solo mobile documentary to explore first-hand and tell about some of most fragile realities on the planet using digital and mobile tools. 
Angelo also collaborates regularly with dance company such as Il Balletto Lucano to merge visual arts with performing arts in projects that have their roots on Basilicata territory and cultural heritage.

My Sessions

The Vloggers Toolkit

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Its an ongoing debate about what is the best camera to use for vlogging and content creation. While most vloggers seem to prefer mirrorless and dslr cameras the latest smartphones do an extremely good job of delivering quality images and sound. In this session we’ll explore the pros and cons of each solution.