Astrid Csuraji

Founder Tactile.news | Editor Mojo Manual

Astrid is a freelance journalism trainer with more than 15 years of experience. She has trained young journalists in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa on behalf of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a german policy think tank. Astrid specializes in investigations, data and mobile storytelling and has run mojo classes with Wytse Vellinga, Björn Staschen, Mark Egan and Corinne Podger. Astrid is also editor-in-chief of mojo-manual, a free online source for mojo beginners. 

Recently she founded her own startup tactile.news, the world’s first publishing house in the Internet of Things (IoT). That’s where she prototypes new forms of journalism like news on toys for children. 

Astrid also works as design sprint coach for newsrooms in digital transitions. 

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