Björn Staschen

Head of NDR's Next News Lab

Björn is a staff reporter with NDR / ARD German Television. He is head of NDR´s „NextNewsLab“ and has been leading NDR´s innovation in Mobile Journalism for over three years now. He has trained colleagues at NDR, students, corporate professionals and journalists abroad. He regularly speaks at conferences. Together with Wytse Vellinga, he just published a textbook “Mobile Storytelling – A journalist´s guide to the smartphone galaxy”. Björn is a trained Video Journalists and has worked as foreign correspondent for ARD German TV in London. He lives with his wife and three children in Hamburg, Germany. http://www.bjoernsta.de

My Sessions

Mojo: A voice for the voiceless

Bailey Allen Auditorium

From the early days of the Arab Spring it was apparent that there were two key drivers for the coverage of the revolution – smartphones and social media. We heard from Waad AlKateab during the keynote on day one how smartphones and subsequently DLSRs were pivotal to those trapped, like Waad, in Aleppo at the […]


Workshop: The Million Dollar Question: How can you establish Mojo in your Newsroom?

Studio 4 O'Donoghue Arts Building

To master the techniques of Mobile Journalism is already demanding. But if you can do it, and if you have trained your colleagues – how then can you etsablish a newsroom routine for Mobile Journalism? Which are the topics that work, which don´t? Which are the distribution channels you aim for, and which don´t work? […]


Mobile Livestreaming – a missed opportunity for local (Web/Newspaper/Radio) newsrooms?

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Back in 2016 our previous iteration, RTÉ Mojocon, hosted a 4 camera live studio in the Aviva stadium where we live streamed for several hours each day to Youtube. The studio was created and operated by the team from Teradek who have a multi-camera livestreaming App for iPad called “Live:Air Acton” While this is not […]


Workshop: Your Smartphone for Breaking News

Studio 3 O'Donoghue Arts Building

One big potential of mobile reporting lies in the availability of smartphones. Literally everyone has one at hand notwadays. Not only our audience – user generated content is playing an increasing role in covering worldwide news – but also we ourselfes, the reporters. We might get to a scene first without any other production gear […]