Caroline Scott

Videographer, social media specialist and Mojo trainer

Caroline Scott is a videographer and social media specialist, helping news organisations, marketers and businesses better connect with their audiences online. 
Her previous role as Deputy Editor of Journalism.co.uk saw Caroline report on the latest innovations and trends that are changing the digital journalism industry, with a strong focus on the growth of mobile journalism in the newsroom and how journalists are using the technology to better connect with audiences. 
Although trained on ’traditional’ cameras and desktop editing software, she prefers to shoot, edit and publish her work from mobile devices, experimenting with a range of formats for viewers on different social platforms – and is a huge advocate for vertical video and raw content. 
Practicing what she preaches, you can find Caroline on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, reporting on the country music industry in the UK (IG: @citycowgirloffocial). If she can hone into this specific niche and get video views into the 000’s, there’s no stopping you!*
Prior to reporting for Journalism.co.uk, Caroline was based in the South Atlantic where she developed a television station and its news programming for the population of the Falkland Islands. Her work as a videographer includes producing short films, documentaries and educational material for various companies in the UK.


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