Charley Maher

Community and Engagement Lead Seen

Charlotte Maher (UK) is the Community and Engagement Lead at Seen. A former BBC and investigative journalist, she has worked across print, audio and video in her career with a focus on first person storytelling. Charlotte has led training courses on mobile journalism, innovation in the industry and digital strategies for citizens, established journalists and media CEOs across multiple countries. She is also a managing producer, producing ground-breaking shows like First Person, Seen’s Snapchat Original showcasing young climate changemakers using wearable technology. Many of Seen’s episodes including in the First Person series, have accompanying augmented reality lenses designed by the team to engage young audiences.
INSTAGRAM: @Seenstories_
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/weareseen_ 
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/Seen2022 

My Sessions

Is Mobile and Constructive / Solutions based Journalism the future of news?

Mobile offers substantial cost efficiencies for content production and the opportunity to explore new storytelling formats, however the solutions journalism movement or constructive journalism as some call it looks to rethink the way stories are told. Could the two working together be a new approach to digital news? In this session we look at a […]