Christian Payne

Writer, reporter and creative technologist

Christian is a writer, reporter and creative technologist. His work combines multi modal narrative strategies and community building. Christian consults and trains others on how best to find their own voices and which tried, tested and emerging technologies are available to amplify them. Christian brain dumps into a weekly publication () as well as at

My Sessions

The Vloggers Toolkit

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Its an ongoing debate about what is the best camera to use for vlogging and content creation. While most vloggers seem to prefer mirrorless and dslr cameras the latest smartphones do an extremely good job of delivering quality images and sound. In this session we’ll explore the pros and cons of each solution. 


Workshop: Five digital security habits Journalists should adopt

Humon Biology Building Classroom G001

“Journalism and Journalists are under threat. In this workshop learn how to protect yourself, your sources, your stories and your hardware from attack.” Alternative text: “Hi!Your computer was infected with my private malware.The malware gave me full access and control over your life, I got access to all your accounts and it even was possible for me […]