Dima Khatib

Managing Director AJ+

Dima has worked in journalism in over 35 countries. She currently directs the award-winning AJ+ digital channel in its four language-driven versions: English, Arabic, Spanish and French. Dima is the only female executive within Al Jazeera Media Network. She speaks eight languages and has one published book in Arabic, Love Refugee.

My Sessions

Keynote: Social Media Native: Reinventing the newsroom to engage new audiences.

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Award-winning digital channel AJ+ engages young audiences across platforms in four languages: English, Arabic, Spanish and French. By innovating at the intersection of fact-based journalism and technology, and of storytelling and art, AJ+ has reinvented the newsroom and reached billion views with content that matters to people. In this keynote Dima Khatib, Managing Director of […]