Dr. Zahed Katurji aka “Hamza Alkateab”

Co-Founder of Action For Sama

Dr Zahed “Hamza” is a Syrian doctor, human rights activist and public health advocate. In July 2012, when eastern Aleppo was declared a non-government-controlled area, Dr al-Kateab moved to the city and founded a new hospital: Al-Qudes Hospital. Over 4 years, he was hospital director and an emergency doctor which, in an area of 10 hospitals and with no effective health system, made him responsible for the entire population living in East Aleppo. He was featured in the BAFTA-winning and OSCAR-nominated documentary “For Sama” which was filmed, narrated and directed by his wife, Waad al-Kateab. Hamza now dedicates his time to continued advocacy efforts around ending the targeting of hospitals in Syria, and participates in events and talks across the UK and beyond. He is the Co-Founder of Action For Sama alongside Waad – an impact campaign created to turn the incredible worldwide reaction to For Sama into action for Syria. Their campaign aims to raise awareness about Syria and Syrian refugees, and works towards accountability for the war crimes committed by the Syrian and Russian regimes.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hamza_alkateab/

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