Harmke Oudenampsen

Mojo Trainer

Harmke Oudenampsen is a mobile storytelling expert. She’s been working as a television-reporter for the Dutch national newsbroadcaster NOS. Ten years ago she started as a social media-trainer and experimented with the flip-camera. But with the smartphone-camera getting better and better she started in 2014 as one of the first mojo-trainers: she loves the combination of mobile video and social media.

Last year she won the second prize for best MoJo-vlog ‘Storytelling in video’ with presentation-specialist Marije Alma. This award was the beginning of a new story. The two started a new company which they launched recently: businessinthepicture.com  Their slogan to the world: “Learn how to tell your own story, you can do it yourself”

My Sessions

Workshop: How to build your story on social?

Studio 2 O'Donoghue Arts Building

How can you use storytelling-skills with your smartphone on social media? How can you make your story mobile-friendly and more interesting to your viewers and customers? By working in structures, with content ‘buildingblocks’ and using the news criteria.  The focus in this workshop will be on vertical Stories. Why? Because the Story-format is mobile-friendly, has […]