J’aime Spezzano

Actor | Travel Photographer

Originally hailing from Oahu, Hawai’i, J’aime grew up surrounded by breathtaking beauty. She wasn’t confined to island living though and developed a passion for traveling at a young age. Loving all things creative J’aime pursued careers in art, furniture refurbishing, writing, producing, and acting. LA based actor/artist J’aime Leilani Spezzano is a graduate from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
J’aime’s public theatre debut was a starring role at Scotland’s Edinburgh Festival. One of J’aime’s film credits includes And Uneasy Lies The Mind which gained recognition for being shot entirely on the iPhone 5. With a couple photographers in her family it was natural to be drawn to photography as well. Currently J’aime is pursuing careers in business and travel photography/hosting. This allows her to focus on her first love of traveling and still be creative. After getting her Canon 5D Mark III stolen in Barcelona she was determined to still capture beautiful photos using only her iPhone. All of the past work in her varying fields has helped to evolve her photography and online presence. Her goal is to capture the essence of the location and through editing imbue the soul of the city in the photograph.

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Battle of the platforms…Instagram V Snapchat

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Last year at Mojocon 2017 we heard 4 examples of companies and individuals who were successfully using Snapchat to reach new audiences- particularly the “youth” and “millennial” demographics. However there is much debate now about Instagram stealing the crown from Snapchat for this same market. Is Instagram the new essential social platform?

Smartphone Photography Social Media

Workshop: Travel Photography and Capturing the Essence of Your Destination


Travel Photography and Capturing the Essence of Your Destination with J’aime Spezzano. How do the top travel photographers imbue their photographs with the energy and soul of a destination? In this workshop we will cover all the rules and guidelines the experts use to create resonance with their viewer. We will then set off on foot into […]