Krishna De

Digital Communications Strategist

Krishna De is a digital communications strategist and social media marketing speaker, commentator, educator and mentor and is a judge of numerous leading digital marketing awards. She is an early adopter of technology for communications, and for more than 10 years Krishna has been writing and educating marketing, media and communications professionals on how to integrate livestreaming into their marketing, social selling, customer support, employee engagement and crisis management programmes. Krishna delivers mobile content creation workshops and is a member of a team who deliver a Mobile Marketing Masterclass to Google’s corporate clients in Europe. She is passionate about the potential of real-time digital communications and since 2015 has hosted a weekly live video programme called the ‘Live Stream Insiders’ where each week she covers the latest trends, technologies, tips and case studies for integrating live streaming into your communication programmes. You can access Krishna’s livestream tutorials and tips on her website, join her for her weekly ‘Live Stream Insiders’ show and for those of you who enjoy quick audio tips subscribe to ‘Live Stream News’ on Amazon Alexa.

My Sessions

Mobile Livestreaming – a missed opportunity for local (Web/Newspaper/Radio) newsrooms?

Bailey Allen Auditorium

Back in 2016 our previous iteration, RTÉ Mojocon, hosted a 4 camera live studio in the Aviva stadium where we live streamed for several hours each day to Youtube. The studio was created and operated by the team from Teradek who have a multi-camera livestreaming App for iPad called “Live:Air Acton” While this is not […]


Social Media-New trends and opportunities

Bailey Allen Auditorium

In spite of the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook appears to have weathered the storm and continues to grow its user base but it is Instagram who is now the hottest Social Media property. With each social platform constantly evolving, changing algorithms and adding new features it is hard to keep up with everything. This panel […]

Social Media