Laura Ellis

Head of Technology Forecasting, BBC

Laura Ellis is a technologist and journalist with a focus on emerging technology, machine learning, disinformation, and data. She has worked on news teams in radio, TV, and online and led two regional news and current affairs teams thorough significant technology change, establishing the BBC’s first end-to-end digital newsroom. In her current role she focuses on ensuring the BBC is best placed to take advantage of emerging technology and takes a particular interest in ethics, personalised and automated journalism, machine learning, disinformation and media provenance. Learn more at http://bbc.co.uk/rd

My Sessions

Digital Provenance & Authenticity in the age of deep fakes

If you have ever seen the Deep Fake Tom Crusie videos on Instagram by Chris Ume you’ll realise how incredibly convincing this technology has become. While media verification workflows and processes have evolved over the last decade it is still a relatively slow and tedious process. Media partners led by Adobe have formed an alliance to introduce […]