Mark Egan

Founder Purplebridge Media, International speaker and trainer

Mark Egan is an experienced mobile-video consultant, journalist and trainer. He formerly worked for the BBC, where he as one of the Corporation’s first self-shooting video journalists.  Mark has worked across programming from news, to sports, features and marketing content. He delivers mobile journalism workshops around the world and is a faculty member of the European Broadcasting Union Academy.  In addition to training, Mark has spoken on stage at major events from Paris to Kuala Lumpur. 

Mark is co-founder of :

Mobile Creator Academy, an online community of professional mobile content creators and a dedicated live, interactive learning platform. 
Mobile Creator Directory an online directory of international content creators and trainers.
Mobile Creator Events an in-person training and workshop seminar

My Sessions

**Change to schedule** Is the debate about mobile “quality” finally over?

Over the last few years there have been some very substantial leaps in the technology in high end smartphones. From 4K/8K sensors, Periscope Lens arrays, AI and Machine Learning, 8/10 Bit, Pro Raw, ProRES, etc the list goes on. In this panel we discuss if the legacy technical barriers to wide adoption of mobile in […]


The Future of Mobile – Roundtable Discussion.

Over the two days of the conference we have explored case studies of how Mobile content production has had break through moments because of the pandemic, how the technology has evolved over the two  years to address many of the shortcoming often cited as barriers to adoption and how new platforms offer new opportunities for storytelling […]