Matteo Bertoli

Director of Photography

Matteo Bertoli was born in Brescia, Italy on July 12th, 1988. In 2011 Matteo received a degree from the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Brescia) in “Sciences and Technologies of Arts and Entertainment”. In January 2012, Matteo began his full time career as a freelance director and cinematographer in Italy. After a short period of time in his home country, he decided to move Dublin, Ireland, where he directed and shot his first short film “Brenda”. In January 2016 Matteo moved to California and, after obtaining an O1 visa, started working for advertising agencies, while shooting commercials, brand videos and short documentaries. He worked and collaborated with a large variety of brands including Apple, Nike, Adidas, Verizon and many more. In November 2018 Matteo shot his first feature film as director of photography directed by Noam Kroll.

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