Matthew Feinberg

Alight Motion Product and Engineering Lead

Matthew is product and engineering lead for Alight Motion, the ground-breaking motion graphics and animation app for smartphones. Matthew has a passion for multimedia software, having spent the last 25 years with its’ evolution, with experience spanning everything from laserdisc video and analog disc-to-disc editing software to serving as technical and product lead for KineMaster. Matthew lives in Seoul, South Korea, where he leads Alight Creative, a bright, innovative team specializing in bringing professional content production to life on mobile platforms.

My Sessions

The Future of Mobile – Roundtable Discussion.

Over the two days of the conference we have explored case studies of how Mobile content production has had break through moments because of the pandemic, how the technology has evolved over the two  years to address many of the shortcoming often cited as barriers to adoption and how new platforms offer new opportunities for storytelling […]