Matthias Sdun

Documentary filmmaker, video coach and media consultant

Matthias works as a documentary filmmaker, video coach and media consultant. With his company sdun.net  he has more than 15 years experience in the broadcast industry. As an executive producer and video journalist he has won the Axel Springer Award and received two Grimme Award nominations.
Ever since he started his career as a video journalist in 2004 for the satire magazine extra3 he has become a true camera addict. Matthias likes to shoot moving images with all kinds of cameras. Since 2010 he has been driven by the question: what is possible for journalists with mobile phones? How can we use the latest apps and smaller devices like 360° cameras to tell compelling video stories and push the limits further and further? Now he is focussing on Augmented Reality apps for mobile storytellers. 
He is currently developing a  new cross-media series about climate change and future technologies for the NDR/ARD in Germany. 
As a World Press Institute Fellow  he gained in depth views of the change process in the US media landscape before the 2016 presidential race. His mobile documentary about the election night in New York City won the Mojofest Award for best documentary in 2018. The documentary as well as his mobile journalism tutorials are available on his Youtube Channel.

Matthias also offers mobile video workshops for beginners and professionals. He consults media companies and NGOs in storytelling and in developing smartphone video series for their social media strategy. For more information check out sdun.net  make sure to follow him on Instagram (@sdun_net) for his latest video experiments.

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