Michael Rosenblum

Speaker, Author, Producer, Trainer and Entrepreneur.

For more than 30 years, Michael Rosenblum has been on the cutting edge of the digital ‘videojournalist’ and Citizen News revolution. Along with his wife, Lisa Lambden, they have completely revolutionized the television and media world. 

During this time, he has lead a drive for videoliteracy, and the Democratization of Video and Video news. His work has included:
The complete transitioning of The BBC’s national network (UK) to a Vj-driven model, starting in 2002. The complete conversion of The Voice of America, the United State’s Government’s broadcasting agency, (and the largest broadcaster in the world), from short wave radio to television broadcasting and webcasting using the ‘VJ” paradigm (1998-present). The design behind Current TV in partnership with former US VP Al Gore, The construction of a national hyperlocal citizen journalist network with Verizon. The construction of NYT Television, a New York Times Company, and the largest producer of non-fiction television in the US. Rosenblum was both the founder and President of NYT TV, (all based on the “VJ” paradigm –1996-1998). The President and Founder of Video News International, a global VJ-driven newsgathering company, with more than 100 journalists around the world. (1993-1996).

He has partnered with a number of major media companies including The Guardian (UK), USA Today, New York Magazine, The Travel Channel and others to create video ‘Academies’ where anyone can learn to report, shoot, edit and produce video on their own. 

In 2009 he co-founded TheVJ.com, along with his wife, Lisa Lambden, an online video training site.

He has also designed, built and implemented VJ-driven newschannels around the world, including Time/Warner’s New York 1, Associated Newspapers (UK) London based Channel 1, Young Broadcasting stations in the US, Switzerland’s largest commercial TV broadcaster, TeleZuri, as well as a host of smaller projects such as Eritrea’s ERI-TV and Sri Lanka’s SLBC. His consulting clients include BBC, McGraw-Hill, TV-24/Germany, TV4/Sweden, Oxygen Media, National Public Radio, Danmarks Radio (DK), TV-3 Sweden, Norway & Denmark, Tokyo Broadcasting, Korea Broadcasting.

As a producer, Rosenblum and his partner Lisa Lambden have produced or overseen production on more than 8000 hours of programming for both network and cable. His shows have included
the long-running TRAUMA: LIFE IN THE ER, Paramedics, Police Force, Labor and Delivery, Science Times. These series have aired on TLC, Showtime and National Geographic. He has also produced for ABC, CBS, Oxygen, The Travel Channel and the BBC. Most recently they designed FiOS1 local programming for DC, NJ and Long Island and produced 500 half hours a year since 2006. 

He has conducted his unique VJ training classes and bootcamps all over the world, from Thailand to Marrakech, and has lectured extensively both overseas and in the US. He partnered with
Discovery Communications to set up the Travel Channel Academy, a national training facility open to anyone. For 8 years he was an adjunct professor of communication at New York University, where he taught “Television and the Information Revolution”, a course of his own design and at The Bauhaus in Germany. Prior to that he taught at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. His Brussels based Rosenblum Institute trains European journalists to work as vjs. He is the author of Videojournalismus (germany); iPhone Millionaire (McGraw Hill, 2013) and Don’t Watch This (Skyhorse 2019)

He and his wife live both in New York and in the UK.

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