Mike Castellucci

Emmy award winning storyteller

Mike Castellucci has found that Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean something will be widely accepted. Innovation can be looked at as brilliant and ground breaking, or it can just as easily be perceived as a fad.

It isn’t common to proclaim broadcast firsts these days, but that definition applies to the half hour specials called Phoning it in. To our knowledge, no one in this country has broadcast 4 half hour shows shot entirely with an iPhone. In this latest special, Phoning it in tackles the perception of shooting with a phone and what it means to an industry. Filmmakers have embraced the technology, television stations have not, although that is slowly changing. Could “phonography” be the future of TV making?

One thing is certain. Technology changes, storytelling never will.

The goal in Phoning it in is to highlight the wonders of the human condition. Mike has learned that telling stories with his phone makes his one day relationship with the unique characters he finds that much more intimate. Some say his work is disrupting an industry. Mike is finding out that being known as a pioneer in phonography can be good…and bad. 

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