Philip Bromwell

Digital Native Content Editor, RTÉ News

Philip is an award-winning mobile journalist and storyteller, leading a team of ‘mojo’s’ at RTÉ, Ireland’s public service broadcaster. He has been shooting and editing news stories on mobile devices for several years. His team at RTÉ work exclusively on mobile, delivering original stories to online, social, tv and radio. After a career in journalism spanning more than two decades – reporting on countless stories at home and abroad – he remains as excited (and curious) as ever about the potential of mobile journalism and mobile storytelling.

Philip on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/philipbromwell


My Sessions

**Change to schedule** Is the debate about mobile “quality” finally over?

Over the last few years there have been some very substantial leaps in the technology in high end smartphones. From 4K/8K sensors, Periscope Lens arrays, AI and Machine Learning, 8/10 Bit, Pro Raw, ProRES, etc the list goes on. In this panel we discuss if the legacy technical barriers to wide adoption of mobile in […]