Rhona Tarrant

Editor - Storyful

 Rhona is an editor with Storyful, a social media intelligence agency that sources and verifies user-generated content for newsrooms including the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ABC and more. Storyful also analyzes conversations across social platforms and specializes in online misinformation and fringe networks. Rhona is based in Storyful’s New York office. She previously worked as a broadcast journalist for RTÉ and WNYC.

My Sessions

The Storytellers – 5 perspectives on “Story”

Bailey Allen Auditorium

It has never been more important to ensure stories are accurate, verified and fact checked. Investigative stories are have an equally important role to play. Leveraging the discreet nature of smartphones can open doors into stories and communities that full eng professional cameras cannot get access to and in the age of smartphones stories can […]