Rich Cheary

CEO Publisher's Toolbox

The co-founder and CEO of digital consultancy Publisher’s Toolbox, Rich has been at the forefront of digital acceleration within the media, brand, campus and sport space for the past decade. With the rising popularity and credibility of mobile journalism in mind, Rich and the PT team saw the need for an enterprise grade, mobile-first cloud platform that allowed brands to standardise the collection and management of mobile content from mobile media producers, storytellers, influencers and community UGC contributors. In 2015, MojoReporter was launched. Rich is a busy father of three, natural adventurer and extreme competitor who can be found most weekends tackling Cape Town’s mountain trails.


My Sessions

Shoot, Edit, Share: Mobile Workflows for Media and brands

In this session we will explore several case studies leveraging mobile content production for media companies and brands. How can you ensure you achieve the best quality from your smartphone content creators? What are the key steps to consider when implementing an mobile production strategy?