Rob Layton

Mobile Journalism Educator

I teach mobile journalism and iPhone photography at Bond University, where I am undertaking a PhD in mojo via a video documentary on Gold Coast surf culture. I specialise in using iPhones underwater and in the ocean. My expertise has led me to work with and be published by Apple, Google, News Corp, and Al Jazeera, among others.


My Sessions

**Change to schedule** Is the debate about mobile “quality” finally over?

Over the last few years there have been some very substantial leaps in the technology in high end smartphones. From 4K/8K sensors, Periscope Lens arrays, AI and Machine Learning, 8/10 Bit, Pro Raw, ProRES, etc the list goes on. In this panel we discuss if the legacy technical barriers to wide adoption of mobile in […]


Shoot, Edit, Share: Mobile Workflows for Media and brands

In this session we will explore several case studies leveraging mobile content production for media companies and brands. How can you ensure you achieve the best quality from your smartphone content creators? What are the key steps to consider when implementing an mobile production strategy?