Rouba Abu Ammo

Rouba  is a founding member of “Dawaer” (Circles), a Lebanese NGO committed to increasing the resilience of children and youth. Ms. Abo Ammo has a BA in journalism. During the last 13 years, she worked in several Lebanese and Arab newspapers and websites, and covered different social issues on child rights, human rights, justice, corruption, in addition to other international political issues. In addition, she worked as a media consultant for different local and International organizations. Currently, Mrs. Abo Ammo is a trainer on Social Media, Media Literacy and Mobile Journalism. Also, she started producing mobile videos which are published in an Arab media website, in addition to other social media platforms. Moreover, Mrs. Abo Ammo is working on launching a website for Dawaer, where the will be a section for Mobile Journalism. Within this section, videos and photo stories will be published. Youth trained by Dawaer will take part in producing the content which will tackle different social issues, human rights, and reflect the voices of youth, their aspirations and problems.

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