Shanil Kawol

YouTube Creator

Meet Shanil, creator of How To Make A Video. The thing he loves to do the most is make short, punchy, shareable videos for social media. Making videos is really fun! But making videos seems really complicated… His mission is to help people bridge the gap between technology and their creativity. He believes anyone can make a video. Including YOU! So let him show you how! 


My Sessions

Workshop (For Beginners): How To Make A Wanderlust Instagram Travel Vlog Video On The Go Using A 360 Camera, Selfie Stick, And Your Phone

Studio 1 O'Donoghue Arts Building

Don’t tell your friends and family what you did this summer… show them! In this workshop I will show you how to make a travel vlog video on the go, in 3 easy steps: Film yourself using a 360 camera and selfie stick.Reframe 360 video on the Insta360 One X app.Edit multiple video clips together on […]


Beyond 360º content

Bailey Allen Auditorium

While the adoption of VR has not lived up to the hyped projections there has been steady innovation and development in both the consumer 360º camera space and the variety of ways you can create or abstract content from the master footage. In the last twelve months 180º video has grown in popularity, based mainly around […]

VR / AR / 360