Sophia Smith Galer

Senior News Reporter, VICE World News

Sophia Smith Galer is a multi-award-winning journalist, author and TikTok creator with over 60 million views on the app. She is a Senior News Reporter at VICE World News and in 2021 she won the British Journalism ‘Innovation of the Year’ Award for her use of TikTok as a newsgathering and publishing tool, as well as being recognised as one of TikTok’s top 100 UK creators two years in a row as a Voice of Change. Her debut book Losing It, out this year, highlights and debunks the sex misinformation found on and offline, and has been described as a “rigorously researched…urgently needed, unputdownable joy – and a triumph.”

My Sessions

Rethinking Digital Storytelling for mobile first platforms

Many media brands have only looked to mobile as a means to augment their primary production methods for broadcast, often only in emergency or breaking news situations yet native mobile storytelling has huge potential to reach new audiences who do not consume their news on TV. In this session we will explore the opportunity to […]