Sue Llewellyn

Social Media Consultant and Trainer

Sue Llewellyn is a former BBC journalist turned social media specialist who helps inspire and empower people to communicate more effectively online, on air and in person.

After 15 years as a journalist and reporter in the TV newsroom Sue thought it was defintiely time for a change. Luckily she backed the right horse when she thought Social Media looked like the future.  So she took a giant leap of faith and left the Beeb to set herself up as a social media consultant.  Within two months she was invited back to introduce Twitter into the newsroom and since 2009 has been leading social media training across the corporation.

In the last 10 years she’s worked with a fantastic range of clients helping create top level digital strategy and bespoke social media training.  Aside from the BBC, clients include numerous media organisations worldwide, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Team GB, The FA, The Wellcome Trust and many others.  To date she has personally trained nearly 6000 journalists, programme-makers, PRs, NGOs, editors and executives including many of the top names in British broadcasting. 

She is also a regular speaker at conferences on the psychology of social media and how journalists, newsrooms and brands can best use it to engage their audiences. Offline she’s a passionate cook and wannabe yoga bunny although with an obvious love of food she’s frankly more Yogi Bear than yoga bunny.

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