Wytse Vellinga

Mobile Storyteller & Trainer

Wytse Vellinga is a broadcast journalist from the Netherlands who shot over a thousand stories on his phone. Or phones, plural. Because he carries at least two at any given time: Android and iOS. He uses his phones to shoot, edit and send in to the station. For the last couple of years he has also been a trainer to help others tell their stories. Vertical, horizontal, square or round. There is no form of storytelling you can’t do with a phone. It is Wytse’s mission to help any one that has a story find the right tools.

My Sessions

The Evolution of mobile through the pandemic

With mandatory remote working becoming the norm during the lockdown phases of the Covid Pandemic employers turned to Zoom and teams to collaborate with colleagues. In many cases media organisations had to turn to mobile as a production solution as it was the only equipment that was ubiquitous with their staff. In this session we […]