Yusuf Omar

Co-founder of Seen

Yusuf Omar is co-founder of Seen, a global journalism video publisher with over 4.2M followers. Their shows include Our Minds, Our Stories, and the Snap Original, First Person. They’ve empowered over 20,000 mobile journalists across 140 countries to make videos with phones. The former CNN Senior Social Media Reporter is a multi-award-winning journalist and TEDx speaker. He has been a correspondent since 2010 in countries including Syria and Congo. And by the way, those Spectacles on his face are cameras and he wears them all the time!

INSTAGRAM: @Seenstories_

My Sessions

Is Mobile and Constructive / Solutions based Journalism the future of news?

Mobile offers substantial cost efficiencies for content production and the opportunity to explore new storytelling formats, however the solutions journalism movement or constructive journalism as some call it looks to rethink the way stories are told. Could the two working together be a new approach to digital news? In this session we look at a […]